12 Hour Workshops

Sanskrit, Chanting and Mantra
The Sacred Sounds of India

Sanskrit, the language of yoga and mantra, is 100% phonetic, perfectly designed and very easy to learn. The easier transliteration, using English letters, will be taught alongside the original Sanskrit script. We will learn how to chant in Sanskrit, then learn powerful mantras, vedic chants, cakra sounds and more.

Five 2.5 hour talks, totalling 12.5 hours
Sanskrit Basics For Yogis : Fundamentals of Pronunciation
The science of yoga is filled with Sanskrit vocabulary. Teachers and practitioners of yoga, Ayurveda, or meditation can benefit from learning how to pronounce Sanskrit with correct breath, resonance, rhythm and tongue position. The class will read transliterated text (English letters with diacritical markings) alongside the original script.
How to Chant in Sanskrit : Fundamentals of Chanting
Mantra, Veda, stotra, shloka, kirtana, etc. represent thousands of years of experimentation with sound and its effects. Experience the different vibrations of each style while chanting verses from various texts. All chants will be provided in the original Devanagari script as well as in transliteration. Proper pronunciation (mouth position, tone, breath and rhythm) will be emphasized.
Mantra Recitation : Exploration into Sacred Sounds
Mantra is a vibration that produces an energetic effect. They can range from tiny, single-syllable seed mantras whose effect is quite specific, to large shloka verses that produce a more general effect. We will practice many different kinds of mantra, and unpack their constituent sounds to discover how they work.
Vedic Chant : Ancient Sounds of Mystery
Tap into the power of Vedic sound by chanting certain mantras exactly as they have been done for thousands of years. Pay homage to earth, water, fire, air, space, sun and moon which support, nourish and influence us every day. This is the oldest system of organized chanting and has been used to preserve the Vedas orally for millenia. Up to three Vedic verses will be taught and practiced.
Cakras and Nadis : Subtle Body Vibrations
Cakra-s are energy spheres in the subtle body that influence their area in the body. Sound affects the subtle body, and can quickly energize and open the cakras. We will chant the primary seed syllables, petal sounds, and mantras for the deity that represents each cakra.

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Nicolai was a presenter at our studio. He explained the Yoga Sutras in the way that our entire YTT class could understand. The concepts were illustrated with modern scenarios. Very inspirational, very exceptional!
~ Suzanne

Sanskrit Sounds

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