Past Events

Feb 1-3 in Boston, MA

This also serves as a required part of Elemental Yoga's Teacher Training.

Fri 6-9pm Sanskrit Basics for Yogis
Sat 12:30-2:45pm Asana Names with Stories
Sat 3:15-5:30pm Yoga as Nirodha
Sun 12:30-2:45pm How to Chant in Sanskrit
Sun 3:15-5:30pm Characteristics of the Cakra-s

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Back Bay Yoga Studio
364 Boylston Street, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02116
617-375-YOGA (9642)

what they're saying

I think Nicolai's presentation was EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed learning about the cakras. He made it sound so much more logical and grounded than most present on this topic. Connecting the marmas, nadis and cakras just makes sense! And I had never really looked at the verses in the HYP (Hatha Yoga Pradipika). Most importantly, I had one of my most settled meditation experiences last night. I could have sat for hours! Chanting was a wonderful way to awaken the energy in each cakra. I truly could feel the support of that kundalini energy moving up my spine. I was a little "high" when I came home and had to stay up for a few hours to settle.

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