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Yoga Sutras Unraveled 1
Overview and The Eight Limbs of Yoga

The Yoga Sutras define yoga by explaining the nature of human consciousness in a series of compact seed-like sutras. We will chant each sutra, then break it down word-by-word and discuss what it means and how it applies to our lives in this society.


Sanskrit Basics For Yogis: Fundamentals of Pronunciation
Origins of Yoga: History of Yoga (including optional Vedic Fire Ceremony)
Overview of the Yoga Sutras: History, Structure, and Key Concepts
Outer Behavior: Yamas and Niyamas  

How we interact with others affects our heart-mind and those around us. Cultivating ethical behavior is essential for a civil society to flourish. Part and parcel with healthy social relationships is taking care of oneself.

Personal Practices: Kriya-Yoga, Asana and Pranayama

The last three niyama-s (personal practices) make up a synergistic triad of tools that support the other limbs of yoga, and are necessary for bringing about real, lasting change and cultivating an inner orientation. Refining and unblocking the body and breath prepare us for our journey inward.

Turning Inward: Pratyahara and Samyama

Focusing our attention in a single place centers our heart-mind, ending outer sensory distractions and moving us deep into our inner light of awareness. The final four limbs cultivate a sattvic heart-mind and a higher state of consciousness


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Nicolai was a presenter at our studio. He explained the Yoga Sutras in the way that our entire YTT class could understand. The concepts were illustrated with modern scenarios. Very inspirational, very exceptional!
~ Suzanne

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