12 Hour Workshops

Ayurveda Immersion
Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is India's holistic system of medicine and a sister science of yoga. Treating every person as a unique blend of qualities, Ayurveda emphasizes the prevention of disease through a diet and lifestyle appropriate to each individual’s unique physical and mental constitution. We will learn about Vata, Pitta, Kapha, the seven tissues, panchakarma, the process of digestion and disease, and practical guidelines to follow towards a healthy and long life. We will translate many Sanskrit shlokas directly from Ayurvedic texts. Also included, demonstrations of sinus cleansing, nasal lubrication and self-massage. Written materials provided.

Session 1 : Ayurveda - History, Samkhya and Basic Principles
Vedic roots, Sankhya philosophy basics, tastes, 20 qualities, overview physical and mental constitutions.
Session 2 : Ayurveda - Anatomy + Physiology
Doshas and subdoshas, tissues, waste products, digestion, disease process.
Short asana practice - Kapha Invigorating
Session 3 : Ayurveda - Examination and Treatment
Ayurvedic assessment and treatment including panchkarma, rejuvenatives and aphrodisiacs.
Short asana practice - Pitta Cooling
Session 4 : Integration of Ayurveda / Yoga / Nutrition
Ayurveda with asana, yoga philosophy and western nutrition.
Short asana practice - Vata Nourishing

what they're saying

I think Nicolai's presentation was EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed learning about the cakras. He made it sound so much more logical and grounded than most present on this topic. Connecting the marmas, nadis and cakras just makes sense! And I had never really looked at the verses in the HYP (Hatha Yoga Pradipika). Most importantly, I had one of my most settled meditation experiences last night. I could have sat for hours! Chanting was a wonderful way to awaken the energy in each cakra. I truly could feel the support of that kundalini energy moving up my spine. I was a little "high" when I came home and had to stay up for a few hours to settle.

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