12 Hour Workshops

The Language of Yoga
Sanskrit, Asana Names, Yoga Sutras and Chants

The science and practice of yoga is framed in Sanskrit words and verses. A basic understanding of the Sanskrit language is important for any student or teacher of yoga. Many asana (posture) names have interesting, deeper meanings and stories behind them. Yoga philosophy, specifically the Yoga Sutras, contains many terms that have no accurate English equivalents. Learning these key terms in depth broadens our understanding of yoga and how it describes human consciousness. An asana sequence will be lead in any session that is 3 hours long.


Sanskrit Basics for Yogis: Fundamentals of Pronunciation
Asana Names and Stories
Yoga Sutras Unraveled: Yoga as Nirodha
How to Chant in Sanskrit: Yoga Chants and Vedic Mantras


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Nicolai was a presenter at our studio. He explained the Yoga Sutras in the way that our entire YTT class could understand. The concepts were illustrated with modern scenarios. Very inspirational, very exceptional!
~ Suzanne

Sanskrit Sounds

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