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Feb 26-28, 2010 in Phoenix, AZ
Desert Song Yoga

Asana Names, Yoga Terms and Chants in Depth
The science and practice of yoga is framed in Sanskrit words and verses. Many asana (posture) names have interesting, deeper meanings and stories behind them. Yoga philosophy, specifically the Yoga Sutras, contains many terms that have no accurate English equivalents. Learning these key terms in depth broadens our understanding of yoga and how it describes human consciousness. Certain Sanskrit chants also have quite a bit below their surface. Each session will include a short asana sequence with simultaneous pronunciation of each posture name.

Fri Evening:  Sanskrit Basics for Yogis: Fundamentals of Pronunciation
Sat Morning: Asana Names and Stories
Sat Afternoon:  Yoga Sutras Terms in Depth
Sun Morning:  How to Chant in Sanskrit: Yoga Chants and Vedic Mantra

Mary Beth Markus


what they're saying

Nicolai Bachman exceeded my expectations! He is very talented and articulates each individual sutra extremely well. I really enjoyed the examples he provided which relate Patanjali’s teachings to modern society. The instruction was very clear. Nicolai addressed any questions or concerns directly, which was helpful. The eight limbs were presented clear and concise as well as the yoga poses in Sanskrit. I look forward to learning more from Nicolai. The way Nicolai applies the sutras to modern day society is amazing.
~ Michelle

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