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The Science of Longevity

Ayurveda means "the science (or knowledge) of longevity (or life." It is a system of medicine that has been practiced in India for over 5000 years. Ayurveda is based upon five basic elemental principles that comprise our physical universe: earth (solid matter), water (liquid matter), fire (that which transforms solid, liquid and gas), air (gaseous matter) and space (the container for the other four elements). These elements combine in different ways to produce three energetic forces called "dosas": Va_ta, Pitta and Kapha (VPK).

Vata is the mover. Since motion causes dryness, excess Va_ta can cause dry skin, cracking joints and psoriasis. Pitta is the transformer. It changes matter from one state to another via digestion, heat production, chemical reactions, etc. Excess pitta can manifest as ulcers, skin rashes and inflammation (-itis diseases). Kapha is responsible for stability, structure and endurance. Skeletal strength, memory retention and fat storage are under its domain. Example of excess kapha are obesity, congestion and sluggishness.

Each of us is born with out own genetically unique combination of VPK, called "prakrti." Growing up, we digest not only food but ideas, sights, sounds, etc. When our combination of VPK strays from our prakrti and becomes off balance, called "vikrti", we experience symptoms or dis-ease. Usually our primary dosa is the culprit. For example, if our prakrti, in terms of VPK, is 1-3-2, we are primarily pitta and secondarily kapha. Our pitta will most easily become aggravated and will produce hot symptoms like rashes, fever, burning sensations and acne. Generally this would be treated with pitta reducing food, herbs and lifestyle. Treatment is based upon the principle of opposites. If too hot, experience cool things. If too heavy, experience light things. I use the word "things" because everything we come into contact with has an energetic and affects our body and mind, including food, sensory perceptions, thoughts, etc. Ayurveda prescribes not only appropriate diet but a beneficial lifestyle as well, always based upon the attributes of each unique individual. Thus it may treat the (seemingly) same condition differently for different people.

Ayurveda is about understanding your body, mind and spirit in order to PREVENT disease and love a long, healthy, happy life. Self-observation, discipline and moderation are the keys to success. When we begin a diet and lifestyle program to reduce the excess dosa, keep in mind that you are allowed to indulge once in a while if that will keep ou on the program over time. Be disciplined about your diet and lifestyle, not rigid. The closer you follow the recommendations, the faster your health will improve.

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Nicolai Bachman exceeded my expectations! He is very talented and articulates each individual sutra extremely well. I really enjoyed the examples he provided which relate Patanjali’s teachings to modern society. The instruction was very clear. Nicolai addressed any questions or concerns directly, which was helpful. The eight limbs were presented clear and concise as well as the yoga poses in Sanskrit. I look forward to learning more from Nicolai. The way Nicolai applies the sutras to modern day society is amazing.
~ Michelle

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