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140 page hard-over-spiral-bound book with 2 CDs (29 tracks each) inside
The Language of Yoga
Learn how to read, write and pronounce over 200 asana names and over 300 Sanskrit terms relating to yoga. Includes 7 chants, asana names in alphabetical order and separate tracks for Ashtanga sequences.

Front Cover
The Path of the Yoga Sutras: A Practical Guide to the Core of Yoga
Easy to read 250 pg Paperback

The Yoga Sutras: An Essential Guide to the Heart of Yoga Philosophy
Comprehensive 336 page workbook, 7 CDs, 51 cards

108 Sanskrit Flashcards
Learn how to read, write and pronounce the Sanskrit alphabet. 108 color-coded cards with accompanying audio CD specifically designed to organically step you through the letters in alphabetical order, then letters with vowels, and finally words.

The Language of Jyotisha
Chants, Verses and Vocabulary for Vedic Astrology (with audio CD)

Yoga Mama Yoga Baby
Ayurveda and Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth

Cakra Poster Image
Cakra Poster
24x30 Color Poster rendered according to a Sanskrit text on the cakra-s