Chants to the Feminine/Goddess

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Chants to the Feminine/Goddess

Sanskrit Chants to the Feminine Goddess

Chant Pack: Chants to the Feminine/Goddess

Our world needs more feminine energy. Chanting to a goddess figure increases the qualities of nurturance, education, coolness and rest. Honoring the feminine through Sanskrit vibrations will strengthen its presence in our lives.

Devi Sureśvari (Sacred Ganges River)
Devi Sureśvari (Guided)
Karāgre Vasate (Parts of the Hand)
Karāgre Vasate (Guided)
Pṛthivī Devyai : Gāyatrī to Earth (Groundedness, Stability)
Pṛthivī Devyai : Gāyatrī to Earth (Guided)
Sarva-Maṅgala : Devī Mantra (Feminine)
Sarva-Maṅgala : Devī Mantra (Guided)
Yā Devī [Long] (Feminine)
Yā Kundendu (Education, Learning as Sarasvatī)
Yā Kundendu (Guided)
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