Chants Asking For Help

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Chants Asking For Help

There are times when we do not know what to do or what will happen. Praying to the divine shares our thoughts and desires with the universe, to help guide us toward a solution. Wishes and prayers should always be positive and healthy, never negative or hurtful.


Asato Mā (Darkness to Light)
Asato Mā (Guided)
Camakam [Long] (Granting Certain Wishes)
Ekadantāya : Gāyatrī to Gaṇeśa (Repelling Negativity)
Ekadantāya : Gāyatrī to Gaṇeśa (Guided)
Gaṇānāṁ Tvā : To Gaṇeśa (Protection, New Beginnings)
Gaṇānāṁ Tvā : To Gaṇeśa (Guided)
Mahā-Gaṇapati Mūla-Mantra (Boon Granting)
Mahā-Gaṇapati Mūla-Mantra (Guided)
Śuklām (Quieting Distractions)
Śuklām (Guided)
Vakratuṇḍa (Removing Obstacles)
Vakratuṇḍa (Guided)
Yadakṣara (Forgiving Chanting Mistakes)
Yadakṣara (Guided)

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clip-icon1 Camakam clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Ekadantāya clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Mahā-Gaṇapati Mūla-Mantr clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Śuklām clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Vakratuṇḍa clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Yadakṣara clip-icon2
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