Chants for Teachers and Learning

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Chants for Teachers and Learning

Honoring our teachers means honoring their teachers and the lineage. Being grateful for the knowledge we receive allows us to remain humble and see life as an ongoing study. We all learn from our experience, yet our primary teachers clarify our consciousness and guide us toward self-knowledge.


Ācāryāt (Learning)
Ācāryāt (Guided)
Alpākṣaram (Sūtra Qualities)
Alpākṣaram (Guided)
Brahmānandam (Teacher)
Brahmānandam (Guided)
GururBrahmā (Teacher is Everything)
GururBrahmā (Guided)
Guru Stotram [Long] (Teacher)
Saha Nāvavatu (Blessing Teacher and Student(s))
Saha Nāvavatu (Guided)
Vande Gurūṇām, Ābāhu (Teacher and Patañjali)
Vande Gurūṇām, Ābāhu (Guided)
Yā Kundendu (Education, Learning as Sarasvatī)
Yā Kundendu (Guided)
Yogena Cittasya, Ābāhu (Patañjali)
Yogena Cittasya, Ābāhu (Guided)

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clip-icon1 Ācāryāt clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Alpākṣaram clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Brahmānandam clip-icon2
clip-icon1 GururBrahmā clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Saha Nāvavatu clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Vande Gurūṇām clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Yā Kundendu clip-icon2
clip-icon1 Yogena Cittasya, Ābāhu clip-icon2
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