Other Sanskrit Texts

Good Translations of other Classical Sanskrit Texts


This is a list of other classical texts on yoga and other Vedic sciences. All include a commentary.
Muktibodhananda, Swami. Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Bihar, India, Bihar School of Yoga, 1993 (2nd ed.). (SS, ET, COM). 641 pages, ISBN 81-85787-38-7.

Chandra Vasu, Sris. Gheranda Samhita. London, Theosophical Publishing House, 1976 (3rd ed.). (SS, ET, COM) ISBN 7229 5066 7 (hard), 7229 5068 3 (paperback)

Chandra Vasu, Rai Bahadur Srisa. Shiva Samhita. New Delhi, India, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd, 1999. (SS, ET) ISBN 81-215-0507-0 (Hardback).

Virupakshananda, Swami. Sankhya Karika of Ishvara Krisha. Mylapore, Madras: Sri Ramakrishna Math, 1995 (1st ed.). (SS, ET, DEF). 72 verses, 135 pages. ISBN 81-7120-711-1. 

SS = Sanskrit Script

RT = Romanized Transliteration

ET = English Translation

DEF = Definitions of each individual word

GR = Grammatical endings shown


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Nicolai made the workshops interesting, fun and thought provoking. He is very knowledgable and has a warm, down to earth style. I think this was a great added requirement to the teacher training program. It has really peaked my interest in further study of the yoga sutras.
~ Tom

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