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Downloadable Sanskrit Chant Packs by Nicolai Bachman
(each includes a PDF file with SS,RT,ET,DEF)
Chants Asking for Help
Chants for Unity, Peace and Service
Chants to the Feminine/Goddess
Popular Sanskrit Chants
Chants of Devotion
Chants to Nature/Elements
Chants for Occasions
Chants for Teachers and Learning
by Vyaas Houston (
Songs to Shiva (SS,RT,ET)
Songs to the Mother (SS,RT,ET)
by Sonia Nelson (
Healing Chant from the Veda
Vedic Chant Tutorial
Yoga Sutras (4 CD set) - booklet, sold separately, has SS,RT
by Shubhraji (
         Chants for Healing (RT,ET)
by Uma Mohan, from India
Divine Chants of Ganesh (SS only)
by Karnamrta
DASI: Prayers by Women
SS = Sanskrit Script
RT = Romanized Transliteration
ET = English Translation
COM = Commentary
DEF = Definitions of each individual word
GR = Grammatical endings shown

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Nicolai Bachman exceeded my expectations! He is very talented and articulates each individual sutra extremely well. I really enjoyed the examples he provided which relate Patanjali’s teachings to modern society. The instruction was very clear. Nicolai addressed any questions or concerns directly, which was helpful. The eight limbs were presented clear and concise as well as the yoga poses in Sanskrit. I look forward to learning more from Nicolai. The way Nicolai applies the sutras to modern day society is amazing.
~ Michelle

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