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Downloadable Sanskrit Chant Packs by Nicolai Bachman
(each includes a PDF file with SS,RT,ET,DEF)
Chants Asking for Help
Chants for Unity, Peace and Service
Chants to the Feminine/Goddess
Popular Sanskrit Chants
Chants of Devotion
Chants to Nature/Elements
Chants for Occasions
Chants for Teachers and Learning
by Vyaas Houston (
Songs to Shiva (SS,RT,ET)
Songs to the Mother (SS,RT,ET)
by Sonia Nelson (
Healing Chant from the Veda
Vedic Chant Tutorial
Yoga Sutras (4 CD set) - booklet, sold separately, has SS,RT
by Shubhraji (
         Chants for Healing (RT,ET)
by Uma Mohan, from India
Divine Chants of Ganesh (SS only)
by Karnamrta
DASI: Prayers by Women
SS = Sanskrit Script
RT = Romanized Transliteration
ET = English Translation
COM = Commentary
DEF = Definitions of each individual word
GR = Grammatical endings shown

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I think Nicolai's presentation was EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed learning about the cakras. He made it sound so much more logical and grounded than most present on this topic. Connecting the marmas, nadis and cakras just makes sense! And I had never really looked at the verses in the HYP (Hatha Yoga Pradipika). Most importantly, I had one of my most settled meditation experiences last night. I could have sat for hours! Chanting was a wonderful way to awaken the energy in each cakra. I truly could feel the support of that kundalini energy moving up my spine. I was a little "high" when I came home and had to stay up for a few hours to settle.

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