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Weekend Workshops

These are suggestions for weekend workshops when hosting Nicolai. Each class can be 2.5 to 3 hours long, with a weekend consisting of 4-5 classes. You can also design your own weekend by choosing individual talks from Nicolai’s class list.

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The Language of Yoga

Sanskrit, Asana Names, Yoga Sutras and Chants
Fundamentals for Yoga Teachers and Students

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Yoga Sutras Unraveled 1

Overview and The Eight Limbs of Yoga
Explore Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga in Depth

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Sanskrit, Chanting and Mantra

The Sacred Sounds of India
Learn to read and chant verses and mantras

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Sanskrit Devanagari Script

The Original Sanskrit Alphabet
Learn to read, write and pronounce the original Sanskrit script.

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Ayurveda Immersion

Introduction to Ayurveda
Fundamentals of Ayurveda, asana according to body type, and demonstrations of cleansing techniques.

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