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  • The new Yoga Sutras Desk Reference just became available in October 2021, and will ship in December. This is 99% the same as the spiral-bound book inside of the now-out-of-print big box set (Yoga Sutras: An Essential Guide to the Heart of Yoga Philosophy), and is like The Path of the Yoga Sutras on steroids. The price of $25.99 is much more affordable that the big-box set was as well. The audio portion of the old “big-box-set” contains additional lectures on the same 51 concepts, and is available on CDs or MP3 here.
  • The Language of Yoga – Paperback Edition was released in May 2020. Instead of CDs this has a link at the top of the Table of Contents to download the audio MP3 files. The previous edition with CDs is still available here but will go out of print once sold out.
  • Online classes now count towards RYT: The new Yoga Alliance standards now allow online classes on yoga philosophy etc. as part of the RYT training. Sanskrit Sounds offers this by live webinar and eventually as recorded video

Sanskrit Chant Packs Available

Chant packs are themed groups of chants available for download. Each pack includes individual and led chants, as well as a PDF booklet.



Top 10 Most Mispronounced Sanskrit Words.


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OM shanti shanti shanti in Devanagari
Om Śāntiḥ Śāntiḥ Śāntiḥ