The Yoga Sutras Desk Reference


In-depth, comprehensive teaching of the Yoga Sutras, providing commentary and etymology for 51 key yoga concepts, with full translation of the text, all grammar, color illustrations, lookup appendices, and much more.

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by Nicolai Bachman, published by Sounds True 2021

338 page, letter-size, lay-flat paperback book

Note: This is the same book that was in the previous big-box set called The Yoga Sutras: An Essential Guide to the Heart of Yoga Philosophy, with gender added to the grammar section, and references to the audio removed.

This is The Path of the Yoga Sutras on steroids, and the most significant publication by me to date. The Yoga Sutras Desk Reference takes 51 key yoga concepts, and for each, a full commentary, etymology, references to all relevant sutras, and practical exercises to experience yourself. The Appendices include several full-color illustrations of yogic processes, a full translation of the entire text, with word-by-word breakdown and grammar, several “lookup” appendices that make it easy to find the sutra you might be thinking of, and much more.

More commentary on each term can be found in the audio-only Yoga Sutras: An Essential Guide to the Heart of Yoga Philosophy, which are the same CDs as in the big box set described in the note above.