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24×30 Color Poster rendered according to a Sanskrit text on the cakra-s

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by Nicolai Bachman and Todd Bush 2012

24×30 Color Poster rendered according to a Sanskrit text on the cakra-s

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At last, an authentic, vivid representation of the seven cakra-s in a 24×30″ full-color poster.

The characteristics of the cakra-s have been graphically rendered according to a Sanskrit text written in 1577 called the Shat Chakra Nirupana. This text specifies the

  • outer lotus petal color
  • Sanskrit syllable and its color
  • elemental shape (yantra), color, Sanskrit syllable and syllable color
  • other miscellaneous characteristics

Also shown are the three primary energy channels (sushumna, ida, pingala) in their appropriate colors.

On the left side of each cakra are the

  • cakra name in transliteration
  • cakra name in the original Sanskrit script
  • English translation of the cakra name
  • anatomical location of the cakra

On the right side of each cakra are the

  • primary sound of the cakra (the transliteration of the Sanskrit syllable shown in the center of the cakra)
  • secondary sounds (the transliteration of the Sanskrit syllables shown inside each petal of the lotus)

The poster comes with a 2-sided description sheet.
On the front it explains the aspects of the chakra-s on the chart, and provides ways of using the chart in your practice.

On the back is a table showing every characteristic of each chakra, with SPECIFIC REFERENCES TO THE SANSKRIT VERSES IN THE TEXT.

Sanskrit Sounds spiral
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