Sanskrit Chants

Recordings with excellent pronunciation

Abbreviations for what is included

  • SS = Sanskrit Script
  • RT = Romanized Transliteration
  • ET = English Translation
  • COM = Commentary
  • DEF = Definitions of each individual word
  • GR = Grammatical endings shown

by Nicolai Bachman (
Downloadable Sanskrit Chant Packs by Nicolai Bachman
(each includes a PDF file with SS,RT,ET,DEF)

by Vyaas Houston (

  • Songs to Shiva (SS,RT,ET)
  • Songs to the Mother (SS,RT,ET)

by Sonia Nelson (

  • Healing Chant from the Veda
  • Vedic Chant Tutorial
  • Yoga Sutras (4 CD set) – booklet, sold separately, has SS,RT

by Shubhraji (

  • Chants for Healing (RT,ET)

by Uma Mohan, from India

  • Divine Chants of Ganesh (SS only)

by Karnamrta

  • DASI: Prayers by Women