The Heart of Sharing

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“Heart” is from the Sanskrit word “hṛd,” composed of two seed sounds: “hṛ” meaning “to take or carry away” and “da” meaning “giving”.

Our physical heart gives (pumps) oxygenated blood to our body, and takes in/receives deoxygenated blood from our body. Thus the “heart” involves sharing, both giving and receiving. Giving to someone out of pure generosity makes us feel good, thus we receive. On the other hand, by receiving a gift from another, we give in return. When you give, you receive, and vice-versa.

The Sanskrit seed mantra HRĪM is associated with the heart, especially the spiritual heart. Chanting this sound connects us to our inner light of awareness that exists in every single living cell and is concentrated in the heart area.

The “su” prefix in Sanskrit adds the meaning “good” to a word. The Sanskrit word “suhṛd” literally means “good heart” and translates to “friend.”

On this Valentines weekend, may we celebrate the love, sharing, and friendship that is innate to all.